DST Systems Sr. Business Architecture in Kansas City, Missouri

The speed of technology. The influx of data. Shifting regulations. Increased customer expectations.

That's where you'll find DST, helping clients find opportunity in ever-changing and complex customer, business, and regulatory requirements. Mastering complexity is a constantly changing and evolving challenge – one that only a few people can embrace and thrive upon.

If you see your opportunity in complexity, then we are the right fit for you.

Job Description:

Organizational Overview

Enterprise Services is the provider of information technology services to the DST enterprise. Our business is to connect our clients to their customers by automating business processes, providing information for decision making, and providing productivity tools to increase efficiency. This includes the information technology infrastructure and architecture functions, as well as, the global information privacy and security.

Role Overview

The business architect role is pivotal in high-performance EA. The role is a senior-level architecture position requiring a broad understanding of business, technology, and architectural concepts. Business architects deliver insights and perspective into ingrained business or planning issues, functional inter-dependencies between business areas, and cross-organizational duplication of functions. They are accountable for creating operational and strategic views of the business facilitating improved decision-making, coordinating diverse initiatives, and accelerating the pace of change. Business architects report to the director of enterprise architecture.

The business architect’s role varies significantly from engagement to engagement. Several factors influence the business architect’s approach to business architecture and the role itself, including the architect’s background and experience, the scope of the operation, and the goals of the business architecture practice.


  • Create new insight and perspective. Business executives are data rich and information poor.

  • Business architects play an important role by combining information in ways that create new insights and perspectives on operational effectiveness as well as future business opportunities.

  • Clarify and illuminate strategic intent. Executives typically set goals and direction but may provide little guidance on specific approaches to goal attainment. Business architects assist in clarifying the organization’s strategic intent by creating a set of strategies providing a common framework for goal-aligned action across different organizations.

  • Guide business strategy implementation. Once executives have defined a set of strategies, business architects define a set of processes, models, and metrics to help management ensure business units across the organization are working together to attain the company’s strategic vision and goals. The business architect translates business intent into models, guidelines, and guardrails aligning independent actions across the organization to achieve not only the same goals but also common goals through a set of common approaches.

  • Clarify high-level business operations. While most organizations have large amounts of detailed documentation for low-level business operational views, such as workflow and procedural guidelines, they don’t always have an operational view appropriate for executives. Business architects create high-level process and organizational views enabling executives to focus their attention on the most important areas.

  • Identify synergistic opportunities and dependencies. As multiple organizations pursue fulfilling the enterprise’s strategy, opportunities emerge for organizations to share ideas, approaches, and detailed solutions. Inter-organizational dependencies also materialize. Business architects work across organizational silos to identify opportunities for collaboration, reuse, and process integration, as well as to identify and resolve dependencies and impacts. Digital business requires business architects to work now not only at the enterprise level but also at the ecosystems level. They should identify the different potential players in the ecosystems as well as their business models to verify the sustainability of the ecosystems and the fit with customers’ ecosystems.


  • 10+ years’ experience defining and leading IT architecture, product development, and/or infrastructure engineering teams with responsibility for a variety of solutions; maintains relevant technology certifications or mastery in one or more technology areas

  • Demonstrated experience collaborating with cross functional teams and customers to define and implement strategies and architecture/technology changes; successfully led/influenced teams through significant technology, process, and organizational change; demonstrated experience effectively managing multiyear programs/projects and reaching decision on topics where there are conflicting priorities and/or philosophical opinions and point of view or approach

  • Experience evaluating, selecting, and developing new products or services; experience developing and presenting financial/business case recommendations

  • Experience with Six Simga, CMMI, ITIL, preferred

  • Prior experience with project management, PMP certification, preferred

  • Prior experience with Product Management, preferred

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or related technology degree, preferred


Kansas City Missouri

DST is an equal opportunity employer and values a diverse and inclusive workplace. All qualified candidates will receive consideration for employment without regard to age, race, color, religion, genetic information, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law. For more information about Equal Opportunity in the Workplace please click here and here. DST is committed to working with and providing reasonable accommodation to job applicants with disabilities. If you are a qualified individual with a disability and need an accommodation or accessibility assistance to complete the online application, please contact us at PeopleCenter@dstsystems.com for assistance.

DST Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of specialized technology, strategic advisory, and business operations outsourcing to the financial and healthcare industries. Combining unmatched industry knowledge, critical infrastructure and service excellence, DST helps companies master complexity in the world’s most demanding industries to ensure they continually stay ahead of and capitalize on ever-changing customer, business and regulatory requirements.

We work with companies in some of the world’s most demanding industries where rapid shifts in consumer, regulatory, and technology trends are increasingly affecting how our clients do business. For them, keeping up in a landscape of constant change is becoming more and more complex. Through our technology, strategic advisory, and business improvement solutions we work with clients to help them stay ahead of and capitalize on customer, business, and regulatory change.

Mastering complexity is not an end-state. It’s a constantly changing and evolving challenge – one that only a few people can embrace and thrive upon. If you see your opportunity in complexity, then we are the right fit for you.